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Worthy Grand Matron 

Worthy Grand Patron 

2009 - 2010

"Make a Joyful Noise" Session

Sis. Billie Mattern

Bro. Bruce Raddatz

2008 - 2009

"Faith in Unity" Session

Sis. Wanda Fisher

Bro. Lowell Erickson

2007 – 2008

"Steps to the Stars" Session

Sis. Betty Garwood

Bro. David Thienel

2006 – 2007

"Love is in the Air" Session

Sis. Betty Kirby

Bro. Bill Parish

2005 – 2006

"Picture Special Moments" Session

Sis. Jan Thoman

Bro. Tregan Albers

2004 – 2005

"Treasures of the Heart" Session

Sis. Jill Ramsey

Bro. Wayne Jacobsen

2003 - 2004

"Journey of Light" Session

Sis. Cynthia Norman

Bro. Michael Donham

2002 - 2003

"Stars in Harmony" Session

Sis. Donna Carmichael

Bro. Don L. Jelinek

2001 - 2002

"Star Love Celebration" Session

Sis. Dee Schuetz

Bro. Robert R. Attebery

2000 - 2001

"Today is a Gift" Session

Sis. Mary Jo Peterson

Bro. Robert Sorensen


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2010 - 2011

"Love Comes Down on

Angel Wings" Session


Sis. Jerrie Wilcox


Bro. Denny Smith

2011- 2012

"Let There Be Light" Session

Sis. Carol Hudkins

Bro. Carl Plants

2012 - 2013

"Spirit of the Stars" Session

Sis. Judy Wehrbein

Bro. Alvin Benemerito

2013 - 2014

"Stars Across the Prairie" Session

Sis. Beverly Donham

Bro. Jim Dusch

2014 - 2015

"Music of the Stars" Session

Sis. Sharlene Coulter

Bro. DeLoyt Young

2015 - 2016

"Beauty of the Star" Session

Sis. Brenda McGuire

Bro. Delbert Rogers

2016 - 2017

"Trails of Faith" Session

Sis. Cheryl Beckius

Bro. Gary Brhel

2017 - 2018

"God Bless the U.S.A." Session

Sis. Anita Sohm

Bro. Jim Taylor